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Here you can find my old projects.
Most of them are not under Development anymore.

However, Bugfixes will be aviable after reported.



NyanRO Logo

nyanRO is a Ragnarok- online Private Server. Important facts:
  • MidRate BaseEXP 75x / JobEXP 75x / Items 35x / MvP 15x
  • Max.Lvl (3rd) 99/50 | (Rebirth 3rd) 150/50
  • Max- Stats (2nd) 99 | (3rd) 120
  • NO ragRE
  • balanced and bugfree 3rd- Classes
  • (more on Homepage -> http://nyanro.org)

  • Website (Design,PHP+MySQL scripting)
  • Forum- Design
  • Administration
  • Server- Owner


Executable Patcher


This is a patcher for all kind of executables. It's a nice tool for devs, since it'll help you adding the Windows NT GUI fiew and Icon using Resource Hacker. It'll compress your exe using UPX after this, too.
  • Version: 1.04a DE / EN
  • Download-Size: ~116kb
  • ReactOS- Compatibillity: (untested)
  • Forum: DE | EN

  • BlitzMax Programming


HFS- Template


Ein Template für den HTTP- Fileserver HFS:
(A Template for HTTP- Fileserver HFS:)

  • HTML- und CSS- Scripting




This is a simple BlitzMax- Library for managing ini- files. The complete Download contains the current sourcecode, a codesample and all 3 versions of the ssini.dll. The current download is the latest compilation of dll's i'll publish for now. To get the latest sourcecode please refer to SVN (link aboove).


  • Create and Jump to ini- groups
  • Create ini- comments
  • Create and Read ini- Fields

  • Version: 1.02 | SVN
  • Download-Size: ~133kb
  • ReactOS- Compatibillity: OK
  • Forum: EN

  • BlitzMax Programming


[german]Junkers FD- Rechner


Dies ist ein kleines Tool zum errechnen eines Herstellungsdatums von Junkers- Thermotechnik Geräten.
Dazu müsst ihr einfach nur die 3-stellige FD- Nummer des Gerätes eingeben und Fertig -> das Tool gibt Herstellungsmonat und -Jahr aus.

  • Version: 1.01
  • Download-Size: ~131kb
  • ReactOS- Compatibillity: (untested)
  • Forum: DE

  • BlitzMax Programming