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15cp is a Ragnarok online Control Panel. When I started my first Ragnarok Online Server with 3rd class support, there was no control panel with 3rd class support. Ceres Control Panel was outdated and Flux CP plugins where in early development with 3rd classes.

So I decided to implement needed “control panel”- elements directly on my servers homepage.

Later i began with writing a stand-alone version to use it as a control panel.

Since there is still a Ragnarok Online Server online, development continues until today.

Why 15cp?

  • It’s really simple to install since it got a step-by-step installer
  • The Admin-CP allows the Administrator to simply change settings, enable/disable modules, change language or styles and install new modules
  • The CP is completely module- based, that means you can enable or disable every single link or site. You can install new modules, too.
  • Since I got really much 3rd- Class experience, there is a official support for 3rd Jobclasses
  • It’s a user- friendly, extendable and free Control Panel. With the 15peaces- guarantee to allways improve and extend the CP to fit your wishes!


Conception, Design, Coding

Technologies used

html, css, php, MySQL


  • started: Sep. 2011
  • re-started: May 2013
  • Lines of code: ~640
  • Live Preview



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