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This is a small and easy-to-use  tool for converting Gravity’s Emblem files. It can decode ebm files to bmp and bmp files back to ebm format. This is the first tool of my planned RO-Tool project. Orginally it was only a test-tool for testing my libebm. But after the work was done I’ve decided to release it as a simple standalone tool.


  • Encode bmp files to Gravity’s ebm-format
  • Decode ebm-files to bmp

latest Changes:

  • Fixed Bug in For-loops (first file in folder was skipped)
  • now uses libebm 1.01
  • first release version


Design, Coding

Technologies used

BlitzMax (Modules used: BRL.RamStream; MaxGUI.Drivers ; BRL.EventQueue; BRL.BMPLoader; libebm.bmx)


  • First release: Jun. 2015
  • Latest version: 1.00.36 (Jun. 2015)
  • Languages: English(Included)
    -> want to translate? Contact me!
  • Lines of code: ~200 + 80
  • ReactOS compatibillity: (untested, feel free to inform me)


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