Sunshine Notepad



This is a (currently) very simple notepad. The plan is to extend it with some features like fonttypes and colors. Maybe there’ll be a syntax highlighting later, too.


  • Read and Create all plaintext-files
  • Read large files (> 1,5MB) without crashing (15peaces direct-fileload-function)

latest Changes:

  • Fixed “save changes on exit”- bug (thanks to atomius) (B70)
  • Added full support for cross-platform endlines (Dos/Windows & Unix) (thanks to atomius) (B71)
  • Added basic stack-support to prepare for the “undo” function (B72)


Conception, Design, Coding

Technologies used

BlitzMax (Modules used: MaxGUI.Drivers ; BRL.EventQueue ; muttley.stack)


  • First release: June 2012
  • Latest version: 0.04.72 (Sep.2013)
  • Languages: English(Included)
    -> want to translate? Contact me!
  • Lines of code: ~220
  • ReactOS compatibillity: (untested, feel free to inform me)


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