PangServ is a Pangya Server Emulator project. However, it is currently in an unusable state. If you want to help, feel free to create pull requests and help us out. Also, any info that helps might be welcome here.

This is a remake of hsreina’s delphi project (Copyright (C) 2015 Shad’o Soft tm):



Coding (together with atomius)

Technologies used

  • C#


  • started: November 2016

latest Changes (Full list in GIT!)

  • *Extended logging to be able to display logs if wanted.
    -this way we don’t need to do the display and logging of messages twice.
  • *Done with Client-Sync functions for now.
  • *changed all Console.WriteLine to showmsg-lib.
    -please use the showmsg-lib instead of the build-in Console if possible.
  • *Added full support for configuration files.
    -As promised before, the configuration files are ini-based for now.

Full list of changes can be found in GIT.


  • Download precomliled: (none yet)
  • GITHub (latest version): PangServ