This is another pre-renewal 3rd class eAthena modification. It comes basically as a remake and extension of 3ceam, since this project seems to be discontinued. However, it’ll take time to get a first stable version, but let’s try our best!


  • we keep the eAthena base version up-to-date
  • some 2014 Ragexes are allready supported
  • build in support for a unique episode select system
  • build in support for many renewal systems
  • new (and feature-rich) shop npc-type: marketshop
  • bindatcommand system
  • rental mounts supported
  • up to 65.535 items in db supported
  • compiled with 2014-10-22bRagexe client (this is the current default client)
  • full support for official CashShop


Coding (together with atomius)

Technologies used

C, RO-Script, MySQL


  • started: March 2014

latest Changes (Full list in GIT!)

  • *Merged missing changes from 3ceam rev. 602 – 604
  • *Fixed a mistake in mmo_char_tosql where delete_date and rename columns where switched…
  • *Updated comment for the gm_all_skill setting.
    -The code for this was changed back to the orginal since the server is now able to stop itself from sending oversized packets.
  • *Added missing status restrictions for WoE:TE.
  • *Some updates to item_db.
    -Added two missing item packages.
  • *Added full support for packet 0x08c8 (ZC_NOTIFY_ACT3).
    -a 2013-12-23 or newer client will be required to use this new damage-packet.
  • *Changed the buffer-size in clif_notify_chat to be affected by CHAT_SIZE_MAX const.
  • *Fixed a crash bug with SR_RAMPAGEBLASTER.
  • *Fixed a typo in GN_CARTCANNON.
  • *Fixed an issue with GN_CHANGEMATERIAL.
  • *Updated SO_VARETYR_SPEAR magic damage part to now be affected by SA_LIGHTNINGLOADER and do correct chance % to stun.

Full (and up-to-date) list of changes can be found in Git or in Changelog-15-3athena.txt file.

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