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Monthly News – March 2016

It’s April allready and it feels like yesterday that I’ve posted the Monthly News of February 2016… But now it’s time to take a closer look at what I’ve done last Month 😀


This month I’ve fixed some more exploids, like a range-exploid when using a on target skill. Also there was a critical exploid on duel system. Please update your Server at least to 422e1c7 to close these exploids. Since there was another memleak on CashShop-System, please update at least to 840b4b4 if you’re using the new CashShop-System!

I’ve also updated a huge number of  Genetic, Minstrel/Wanderer, Sorcerer, Rune Knight and Royal Guard Skills. Please read the changelogs here.


I’ve done some monster database fixes, updated some MVP drops to the most reliable pre-renewal data availableand changed Aunoe and Fanat from their iRO version to the kRO version (which is weaker). Also I’ve fixed modes of all SE Guild Dungeon monsters and made some other minor corrections / fixes / updates to item/monster and quest db.


I’ve reviewed / added all Manuk and El Dicastes monster spawns. The Octupus Cave instance and all monsters where added. It’s a nice to have cash-instance. The instance related Items where added some time ago, however I forgot to add the instance itself 😀 …

Also I’ve done some more work on the episode system, which was mainly adding support for episode related mapflags. There is still sooo~ much work to do here, but it needs to be done ^^

3ceam Patches
Faction System Patch

Since there where so many problems with my old / outdated patch I decided it would be the best to rewrite it. Here are some important notes you’ll have to know for this patch:

  • You’ll need to run in SQL-Mode!
  • If you use Visual Studio, make sure to use VS 2009 / 2010 to compile!
  • Don’t forget to add 3CeAM_FactionWar_Patch_r800+.sql to your SQl-DB!
    -This file will be auto-generated into your 3ceam/sql-files folder.

It’s the same as for 15-3athena: Since there was found another memleak on this patch, I needed to update it again.


Services for Germany & 15-3athena update

Hey all!

First I want you to notice that I’ve updated the 15-3athena SVN to Rev. 5.
There are many changes done, including some internal fixes and updates for 3rd job support, new items, mounts, mutanted homunculus…
The eAthena base Rev. was updated, too.
There are to many changes, so I’ll not write all of them here. Just take a look on google code to see all changes!

Next step here will be some changes on the classic eAthena cast-system to allow fixed cast-times in renewal-style for the 3rd class skills. By adding this system, I’ll have to add the first 3rd class skills, too (since I’ll need to test the cast system…).

(only for germany)

Vielleicht haben es einige schon gesehen. Für die anderen der kurze Hinweis auf die Liste meiner Services: Service

Bei Interesse, meldet euch einfach über das Kontakt-Formular.


[german] Es ist Zeit für ein Projekt

Hey Leute!

Heute wende ich mich mal auf deutsch an euch, da besagtes Projekt (erstmal) nur auf deutsch verfügbar sein wird. Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen, mal wieder ein Spiel zu entwickeln. Das Spiel basiert auf einer Story, die Izuna12 vor einiger Zeit mal geschrieben hat. Worum es dabei geht, verrate ich natürlich erstmal nicht genauer, dazu später mehr (in Form einer Demo,
vielleicht… ).

Nun, das wollte ich erstmal los werden. Zum Schluss noch ein paar kleine Vorschaubilder, um das Warten auf News etwas zu versüßen:


New old website template

Hey Guys!

I’ve added a new site: Free Website Templates

On this page i’ll collect some of my old website templates for you. You can use them for free, as long as there is a copyright with link to

I also added the first Free Template:

HTML 5 Template

This was a html 5 remake i made. It’s based on one of my old website templates.But it was never finnished…

Since this was made looo~ng time ago (i was a noob with all this webdesign stuff…) you’ll have to change some things, i think. :D