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Monthly News – February 2017

As allways, february was a short month. However, I still got some work done here and there. =)


First of all I’d like you to notice another critical bug fix I’ve done. HP, SP, ASPD and most of the damage calculations where destroyed in an earlier commit. Now the calculations should be fixed, so please update to r156 (0f547f9) ASAP.
As always, there is done some more work related to some Skills. This month it was focused focused on Minstrel/Wanderer, Royal Guard, Sorcerer and  Sura skills.

WoE:Training Edition

I’ve finally added a new version of WoE, WoE:TE which forbids 3rd class and 2nd expanded class from joining. This adds in:
– 10 new WoE castles.
– New zone for job_noenter.txt
– Various items are restricted.
Also new monsters for the guild dungeon are added.
This Update adds support for longer NPC names, since theese where needed for some of the scripts. NPC names can now be longer than it’s displayed on client.

Visual Studio

I’ve done some changes with the Visual Studio projects. First, I’ve completely removed the VS 2006 project, it’s pointless to keep 5 VS projects up-to-date. Later this month I’ve also replaced the old Visual Studio 7.1 project files with Visual Studio 11 project files. With this release prepare yourself to don’t use Visual Studio 2008 anymore since it’s really outdated and will be replaced by a newer version later…

3ceam Patches

As requested by a community-member I’ve created a patch for bMagicAtkEle:

  • bonus2 bMagicAtkEle,e,x;
    -Increases damage of n element magic by x%

Thanks to davedevils the decryption of client-packets is working now. Also the sync-client is accepting connections.

Any infos needed can be found on Github:


For news related to NyanRO, please visit the NyanRO Homepage!

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