15peaces Security Solution


15peaces Security Solutions are different tools / programs and other solutions designed to protect certain programs and applications from hack attacks of any kind. Since they’re specially created to fit perfectly into your program or application, there is no ready-to-use version to download. If you’re interested in some of below listed features, please contact me.



  • Usage of latest software standards like php 7, html 5, xhtml, css3, MySQLi
  • Replace unsafe standards like flash and java with better solutions
  • MySQL injection protection
  • Protected include files in php

Ragnarok Online:


  • Automatic updates for important files
  • Basic ragexe monitoring
  • 1rp-compressed patch-files (compression ratio ~like 7zip)
  • Lightweight standalone solution

Server (3ceam / 15-3athena)

  • No Delay Grf Protection
  • GM Password (Asks your GMs for a GM Password after logging in)



Technologies used

c, BlitzMax, bat, PHP, xHTML, HTML5, CSS3, MySQLi

Interested? Questions?

  • Contact me, I’ll answer your questions.