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Monthly News – February 2017

As allways, february was a short month. However, I still got some work done here and there. =)


First of all I’d like you to notice another critical bug fix I’ve done. HP, SP, ASPD and most of the damage calculations where destroyed in an earlier commit. Now the calculations should be fixed, so please update to r156 (0f547f9) ASAP.
As always, there is done some more work related to some Skills. This month it was focused focused on Minstrel/Wanderer, Royal Guard, Sorcerer and  Sura skills.

WoE:Training Edition

I’ve finally added a new version of WoE, WoE:TE which forbids 3rd class and 2nd expanded class from joining. This adds in:
– 10 new WoE castles.
– New zone for job_noenter.txt
– Various items are restricted.
Also new monsters for the guild dungeon are added.
This Update adds support for longer NPC names, since theese where needed for some of the scripts. NPC names can now be longer than it’s displayed on client.

Visual Studio

I’ve done some changes with the Visual Studio projects. First, I’ve completely removed the VS 2006 project, it’s pointless to keep 5 VS projects up-to-date. Later this month I’ve also replaced the old Visual Studio 7.1 project files with Visual Studio 11 project files. With this release prepare yourself to don’t use Visual Studio 2008 anymore since it’s really outdated and will be replaced by a newer version later…

3ceam Patches

As requested by a community-member I’ve created a patch for bMagicAtkEle:

  • bonus2 bMagicAtkEle,e,x;
    -Increases damage of n element magic by x%

Thanks to davedevils the decryption of client-packets is working now. Also the sync-client is accepting connections.

Any infos needed can be found on Github:


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Monthly News – December 2016

!! Happy new Year !!

Well… 2016 finally passed by. But let’s see what I’ve done in December 2016:

Memory Leak

First of all I want to inform all of you about a fixed memory leak in some cases if an script-based atcommand fails. If you’re using the bindatcmd script command on your server please update to r147 (4db722f) ASAP!


I’ve added full support for the questinfo script command. This allows us to show some emote-icons on top of an quest-related npc and some other stuff.

Clan System

I’ve added full support for clan system. This system requires a 2013-12-23 client or newer. It includes the Sword, Arc Wand, Golden Mace, and Cross Bow Clans.
-Jumping Clan is not yet implemented as more information is needed.
-Includes official NPC to join and leave Clans.
-Side note: Confirm your chat window has the Clan Info setting enabled to display messages.
-Added clan_join and clan_leave script commands.

Other changes

I’ve cleaned-up, updated and fixed some items and monsters. Also I’ve fixed the version of the new ranking packets -they’re used since 2012-05-02aRagexeRE.
As always, there is done some more work related to some Skills. This month it was focused focused on Guillotine Cross, Ranger, Genetic,
Rune Knight, Mechanic, Warlock, Sorcerer, Shadow Chaser, Sura and
Minstrel/Wanderer skills.

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Monthly News – October & November 2016

Well… Guess it’s time for another monthly news blog post. Since there was not that much to post for October I’ve decided to create only one post for October & November. So, let’s see what we’ve got here… 😀

Episode System:

-Everything related Comodo will now only load on Episode 3.0 and up.
-Added support for controlling reset- mapflag via script commands.
-Updated setmapflag/removemapflag commands to support setting a restricted zone.
-Added full support for episode specific shop npcs and spawn sets.
-Rewrote / optimized episode-code in npc_parse_duplicate.

Linux compiling & other issues:

I’ve fixed some compile-errors and warnings while compiling with gcc-compiler.
Also I’ve fixed some issues related to questlog system on 2014 ragexes. They where causing client-crashes on certain situations…
There was another issue reatated to 2014 ragexe where npcs and monsters won’t be displayed anymore. This was fixed -> The 2014-10-22 ragexe still uses the same packets as 2013-12-23 ragexe. I thought it would already use v10 packets…

Other changes:

I’ve cleaned-up some reading functions for player-related databases and their databases. -> IMPORTANT: structures are still the same and won’t change. ^^
Also I’ve added some stuff related to Izlude Novice Academy. In future you’ll be able to decide, which “Novice Ground” to be used on your server. It’s not ready to use, only the maps and some random stuff is done yet!
As always, there is done some more work related to some Skills. These two months where focused on Guillotine Cross, Genetic, Royal Guard and Warlock skills.

3ceam Patches:
Soul Link Mods

I’ve added a patch for some Soul Link modifications and extensions. However, I’m not the autor of all these mods, I’ve ony ported them and made only one patch out of them..


I’ve added a patch for the ‘freeloop()’ script command. Toggling this to enabled (1) allows the script instance to bypass the infinite loop protection, allowing your script to loop as much as it may need.

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Monthly News – September 2016

I was really busy last month, so there is not that much I can tell you here… but let’s see…


I’ve added all kinds of Malangdo traders and refining npcs. This also includes support for Malangdo enchants. Some updates on Item-DB (mainly Dead Branches and some others) where made, too.

Also, I’ve managed some small updates / fixes to Sura, Genetic and Guillotine Cross skills and did some clean-up here and there.

3ceam Patches

There was a small update to my NDGProtection port. This fixes an issue where homunculus, elementals and mercenaries would cause a DC if they use a skill. Please update asap if you’re using this patch! (This could happen even with the original patch!) Commit: 0efa937

For news related to NyanRO, please visit the NyanRO Homepage!

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Monthly News – August 2016

Once again, a month passed by allready… Time for news! 😀


This month I was mainly focused on fixing some bugs and issues I’ve created by adding new features. Also some remaining bugs from good old eAthena days where fixed. Since there was not that much time this month, all changes are made in only one commit. You can view it here: 3ee39f3

3ceam Patches

I’ve added 2 new patches as requested by 3ceam community. The first patch adds support for a protection against no-delay grfs. The 2nd patch adds the script command ‘downrefitem’, which is needed to add support for new (advanced) refiners. Also I’ve fixed a critical issue on itembound-patch which could crash the char-server. Please take a look at it an update (if not yet done)!

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Monthly News – July 2016

Last month I’ve told you there will be some big updates in July, and this is what happened:


I’ve added some more infos and logging functions to make it easier to debug certain things. Also there where some huge changes on certain packets. I’ve added full support for v5 item packets and some other things like basic support for Packet Obfuscation (which is not sable yet, please don’t use it for now!). We’re finally able to support equip-locations for shadow equip. Support is not coded in yet, but I’ll do this soon. =)

The bBaseAtk item bonus is finally able to reduce the atk, this fixes some items like Hermode Cap.

I’ve also updated a huge number of Genetic, Warlock, Shadow Chaser, Sura and Ranger Skills. This also includes some updates for elemental spirits. Please read the changelogs here.

3ceam Patches

I’ve added a patch for Account/Guild/Party/Character Bounded Items System. This adds script commands ‘getitembound’, ‘getitembound2’, and ‘countbound’ & at commands @itembound and @itembound2. You’ll need item-v5 packets, so you’ll need to use packetver 20131223 or newer!


For news related to NyanRO, please visit the NyanRO Homepage!


Monthly News – June 2016

I was really busy this month, so I had no time to release any commits. However, I was working on implementing the V6 item-packets and other stuff to 15-3athena. I’m not done yet, but once I’ll finish the support for these new packets I’ll be able to finally fix the item-bound system and related display-bugs.

So… stay tuned, there will be a huuuge commit really soon! =)

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Monthly News – May 2016

Sorry for beeing that late this month, I got really much work to do here and there… ^^


First of all I’d like to inform all about some critical bug-fixes. I’ve found a critical packet- bug on banking system and their functions. These could cause loss of data, so if you’re using the banking system please update your server at least to commit 8ffddb6! Also there where made some more fixes, so it’s worth updating to this commit.

I was finally able to fix all remaining bugs with 2014-10-22 ragexe, so it should be fully stable and ready for public use (as of commit 17eccf2).

I’ve done some more work on episode system again. Finally, all episode 5 mapflags are set. Also, I’ve extended the support for episode specific databases. Now you can set castle_dbs for all episodes.

I’ve also updated a huge number of Genetic, Rune Knight and Sorcerer Skills. This also includes a basic support for elemental spirits and fixes a Status-ID missmatch. Please read the changelogs here.


I’ve finally had the time to update the item_buyingstore.txt to fit latest kRO Client. However, some unsupported items are disabled for now. Also I’ve added some more random Items and Item Packages. There where some updates to Old Card Album and Dead Branches, too.


I’ve added the renewal Ninja Shops (they’re selling Kagerou & Oboro Items). Currently these Items are unneeded, however I’ll add in Kagerou & Oboro later so I’ll need the Shops one day.

3ceam Patches

I’ve created a small bindatcmd-script to allow a gm to show the CashPoints of another player. To realize this I had to fix and extend the bindatcmd patch for 3ceam. Also I’ve created a simple MvP Ladder Script with reset function as requested by 3ceam community.


For news related to NyanRO, please visit the NyanRO Homepage!

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Monthly News – April 2016

A month went by again, so let’s see what I’ve done in the last weeks 😀


I’ve done much work on the episode system here. I’ve added all episode 5 mapflags. To realize this, I had to update the setmapflagnosave command to support SavePoint as default map. Also I’ve updated parts of the exp-giving systems to work more like on official servers.

I’ve also updated a huge number of Genetic, Sura , Rune Knight, Minstrel/Wanderer, Royal Guard and Shadow Chaser Skills. Please read the changelogs here.


As allways, I’ve managed some huge updates to item- and monster- databases. The Whikebain’s Black Tail script and combo script where added. Also, 2 new item bonusses where added: bonus2 bSkillCooldown,sk,t; and bonus2 bMagicAtkEle,e,x;. both of them might be needed in future by certain items.


Finally, I’ve added full support for some long outstanding NPCs like the HD Refiners and the official Card Trader. Also I’ve added more 3rd class jobquests (3-1 Quests are finally done now!). To realize this I needed to add some new script commands like freeloop.

3ceam Patches

I’ve created a patch for the bonus2 bSkillCooldown,sk,t; item bonus. It was requested by the community and since I also needed it for 15-3athena and NyanRO, I decided to create this patch file. Also I’ve updated my bindatcmd patch to work with the latest 3ceam revisions.


For news related to NyanRO, please visit the NyanRO Homepage!

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Monthly News – March 2016

It’s April allready and it feels like yesterday that I’ve posted the Monthly News of February 2016… But now it’s time to take a closer look at what I’ve done last Month 😀


This month I’ve fixed some more exploids, like a range-exploid when using a on target skill. Also there was a critical exploid on duel system. Please update your Server at least to 422e1c7 to close these exploids. Since there was another memleak on CashShop-System, please update at least to 840b4b4 if you’re using the new CashShop-System!

I’ve also updated a huge number of  Genetic, Minstrel/Wanderer, Sorcerer, Rune Knight and Royal Guard Skills. Please read the changelogs here.


I’ve done some monster database fixes, updated some MVP drops to the most reliable pre-renewal data availableand changed Aunoe and Fanat from their iRO version to the kRO version (which is weaker). Also I’ve fixed modes of all SE Guild Dungeon monsters and made some other minor corrections / fixes / updates to item/monster and quest db.


I’ve reviewed / added all Manuk and El Dicastes monster spawns. The Octupus Cave instance and all monsters where added. It’s a nice to have cash-instance. The instance related Items where added some time ago, however I forgot to add the instance itself 😀 …

Also I’ve done some more work on the episode system, which was mainly adding support for episode related mapflags. There is still sooo~ much work to do here, but it needs to be done ^^

3ceam Patches
Faction System Patch

Since there where so many problems with my old / outdated patch I decided it would be the best to rewrite it. Here are some important notes you’ll have to know for this patch:

  • You’ll need to run in SQL-Mode!
  • If you use Visual Studio, make sure to use VS 2009 / 2010 to compile!
  • Don’t forget to add 3CeAM_FactionWar_Patch_r800+.sql to your SQl-DB!
    -This file will be auto-generated into your 3ceam/sql-files folder.

It’s the same as for 15-3athena: Since there was found another memleak on this patch, I needed to update it again.