15-3athena Digest

Monthly News – September 2016

I was really busy last month, so there is not that much I can tell you here… but let’s see…


I’ve added all kinds of Malangdo traders and refining npcs. This also includes support for Malangdo enchants. Some updates on Item-DB (mainly Dead Branches and some others) where made, too.

Also, I’ve managed some small updates / fixes to Sura, Genetic and Guillotine Cross skills and did some clean-up here and there.

3ceam Patches

There was a small update to my NDGProtection port. This fixes an issue where homunculus, elementals and mercenaries would cause a DC if they use a skill. Please update asap if you’re using this patch! (This could happen even with the original patch!) Commit: 0efa937

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