15-3athena Digest

Monthly News – August 2016

Once again, a month passed by allready… Time for news! 😀


This month I was mainly focused on fixing some bugs and issues I’ve created by adding new features. Also some remaining bugs from good old eAthena days where fixed. Since there was not that much time this month, all changes are made in only one commit. You can view it here: 3ee39f3

3ceam Patches

I’ve added 2 new patches as requested by 3ceam community. The first patch adds support for a protection against no-delay grfs. The 2nd patch adds the script command ‘downrefitem’, which is needed to add support for new (advanced) refiners. Also I’ve fixed a critical issue on itembound-patch which could crash the char-server. Please take a look at it an update (if not yet done)!

For news related to NyanRO, please visit the NyanRO Homepage!

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