15-3athena Digest

Monthly News – July 2016

Last month I’ve told you there will be some big updates in July, and this is what happened:


I’ve added some more infos and logging functions to make it easier to debug certain things. Also there where some huge changes on certain packets. I’ve added full support for v5 item packets and some other things like basic support for Packet Obfuscation (which is not sable yet, please don’t use it for now!). We’re finally able to support equip-locations for shadow equip. Support is not coded in yet, but I’ll do this soon. =)

The bBaseAtk item bonus is finally able to reduce the atk, this fixes some items like Hermode Cap.

I’ve also updated a huge number of Genetic, Warlock, Shadow Chaser, Sura and Ranger Skills. This also includes some updates for elemental spirits. Please read the changelogs here.

3ceam Patches

I’ve added a patch for Account/Guild/Party/Character Bounded Items System. This adds script commands ‘getitembound’, ‘getitembound2’, and ‘countbound’ & at commands @itembound and @itembound2. You’ll need item-v5 packets, so you’ll need to use packetver 20131223 or newer!


For news related to NyanRO, please visit the NyanRO Homepage!

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