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Monthly News – May 2016

Sorry for beeing that late this month, I got really much work to do here and there… ^^


First of all I’d like to inform all about some critical bug-fixes. I’ve found a critical packet- bug on banking system and their functions. These could cause loss of data, so if you’re using the banking system please update your server at least to commit 8ffddb6! Also there where made some more fixes, so it’s worth updating to this commit.

I was finally able to fix all remaining bugs with 2014-10-22 ragexe, so it should be fully stable and ready for public use (as of commit 17eccf2).

I’ve done some more work on episode system again. Finally, all episode 5 mapflags are set. Also, I’ve extended the support for episode specific databases. Now you can set castle_dbs for all episodes.

I’ve also updated a huge number of Genetic, Rune Knight and Sorcerer Skills. This also includes a basic support for elemental spirits and fixes a Status-ID missmatch. Please read the changelogs here.


I’ve finally had the time to update the item_buyingstore.txt to fit latest kRO Client. However, some unsupported items are disabled for now. Also I’ve added some more random Items and Item Packages. There where some updates to Old Card Album and Dead Branches, too.


I’ve added the renewal Ninja Shops (they’re selling Kagerou & Oboro Items). Currently these Items are unneeded, however I’ll add in Kagerou & Oboro later so I’ll need the Shops one day.

3ceam Patches

I’ve created a small bindatcmd-script to allow a gm to show the CashPoints of another player. To realize this I had to fix and extend the bindatcmd patch for 3ceam. Also I’ve created a simple MvP Ladder Script with reset function as requested by 3ceam community.


For news related to NyanRO, please visit the NyanRO Homepage!

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