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Monthly News – April 2016

A month went by again, so let’s see what I’ve done in the last weeks 😀


I’ve done much work on the episode system here. I’ve added all episode 5 mapflags. To realize this, I had to update the setmapflagnosave command to support SavePoint as default map. Also I’ve updated parts of the exp-giving systems to work more like on official servers.

I’ve also updated a huge number of Genetic, Sura , Rune Knight, Minstrel/Wanderer, Royal Guard and Shadow Chaser Skills. Please read the changelogs here.


As allways, I’ve managed some huge updates to item- and monster- databases. The Whikebain’s Black Tail script and combo script where added. Also, 2 new item bonusses where added: bonus2 bSkillCooldown,sk,t; and bonus2 bMagicAtkEle,e,x;. both of them might be needed in future by certain items.


Finally, I’ve added full support for some long outstanding NPCs like the HD Refiners and the official Card Trader. Also I’ve added more 3rd class jobquests (3-1 Quests are finally done now!). To realize this I needed to add some new script commands like freeloop.

3ceam Patches

I’ve created a patch for the bonus2 bSkillCooldown,sk,t; item bonus. It was requested by the community and since I also needed it for 15-3athena and NyanRO, I decided to create this patch file. Also I’ve updated my bindatcmd patch to work with the latest 3ceam revisions.


For news related to NyanRO, please visit the NyanRO Homepage!

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