Services for Germany & 15-3athena update

Hey all!

First I want you to notice that I’ve updated the 15-3athena SVN to Rev. 5.
There are many changes done, including some internal fixes and updates for 3rd job support, new items, mounts, mutanted homunculus…
The eAthena base Rev. was updated, too.
There are to many changes, so I’ll not write all of them here. Just take a look on google code to see all changes!

Next step here will be some changes on the classic eAthena cast-system to allow fixed cast-times in renewal-style for the 3rd class skills. By adding this system, I’ll have to add the first 3rd class skills, too (since I’ll need to test the cast system…).

(only for germany)

Vielleicht haben es einige schon gesehen. Für die anderen der kurze Hinweis auf die Liste meiner Services: Service

Bei Interesse, meldet euch einfach über das Kontakt-Formular.

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