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Monthly News – January 2016

Hey all!

Long time no news on my blog. But no news on my blog doesn’t mean there ARE no news. Honestly I simply was too lazy to update the blog…

However, to avoid this in future, I’ll try to post some “Monthly News” in the first week of every new month. So you’ll get news and I can reflect on everything that was done in the last month.
Let’s begin with the January news now:

Updated the maximum size for packets

According to rAthena even older than 2013-12-23 clients can deal with 24576 as a maximum size. Also, according to 3ceam revision 764 clients from 2013-12-23 on can deal with bigger packets. Since 3ceam uses 65636 as maximum, we’ll use it as default value. Thanks to Rytech!

Huge Updates to item_db and mob_db

I’ve reviewed a huge number of items and monsters, including monster-skills. Also I’ve added missing Mora equippment and added full support to a new item package (IP_HALLOWEEN_G_BOX).

Episode System updates

yeah… the episode system. I’ve managed quite some updates on this. First of all I’ve added the getepisode() script command. Using this command you’ll no longer need to check the battle configs directly. It will return the episode the server is running on.

I’ve added a documentation of the whole episode system to docs-folder. Also I’ve added basic support for episode specific databases.

The item database for episode 6.0 is currently in progress and will (hopefully) be done soon.

2012-04-10 Client update

Some days ago I’ve added full support for the favorite item tab. This feature requires a 2011-11-22aRagexeRE or newer client to work. So 2012-04-10aRagexeRE is the first client for us.


Since all news can be read on NyanRO-Homepage, I’ll only post a short list of the most important feature-updates:

  • More fixes on instance system. Most of the instances working as intended again.
  • Huge updates to item and quest database.
  • Added bonus2 bSkillUseSP item bonus. Now we’re able to reduce the SP consumption of a skill via item script.
  • Added getitempackage script command. This is our implemention of ‘getgroupitem’. I’ve decided to seperate these.
  • From now on there is a 2nd WoE schedule (Sunday, 8pm – 9pm).
  • We redesigned the whole reward shops.
  • We added the mutanted homunculus.