Monthly News – December 2016

!! Happy new Year !!

Well… 2016 finally passed by. But let’s see what I’ve done in December 2016:

Memory Leak

First of all I want to inform all of you about a fixed memory leak in some cases if an script-based atcommand fails. If you’re using the bindatcmd script command on your server please update to r147 (4db722f) ASAP!


I’ve added full support for the questinfo script command. This allows us to show some emote-icons on top of an quest-related npc and some other stuff.

Clan System

I’ve added full support for clan system. This system requires a 2013-12-23 client or newer. It includes the Sword, Arc Wand, Golden Mace, and Cross Bow Clans.
-Jumping Clan is not yet implemented as more information is needed.
-Includes official NPC to join and leave Clans.
-Side note: Confirm your chat window has the Clan Info setting enabled to display messages.
-Added clan_join and clan_leave script commands.

Other changes

I’ve cleaned-up, updated and fixed some items and monsters. Also I’ve fixed the version of the new ranking packets -they’re used since 2012-05-02aRagexeRE.
As always, there is done some more work related to some Skills. This month it was focused focused on Guillotine Cross, Ranger, Genetic,
Rune Knight, Mechanic, Warlock, Sorcerer, Shadow Chaser, Sura and
Minstrel/Wanderer skills.

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