General roscript

Clean-up ~

Today I did some cleanup in the forum and some of the sql-databases. Now I’m thinking of closing the forum (…again). Since I got this blog now where everybody can comment my posts and projects directly I don’t see any reason to keep the forum online.

Even more I’m thinking about making different forums (if needed) for different projects. So I’ll maybe start with the 15-3athena project. This is currently the most active project and is the biggest one, too.

The other (smaller) projects will stay with the blog-comment function for now. Currently the forum will stay as it is since some of my older projects still haven’t been moved into this blog.

So~ last words: I’ve done some work with the Sunshine RO-Script project. I’ve deleted some unneeded stuff in there. However, since I only deleted unneeded stuff there was no release today. This change will be applied on the next release.