New old website template

Hey Guys!

I’ve added a new site: Free Website Templates

On this page i’ll collect some of my old website templates for you. You can use them for free, as long as there is a copyright with link to

I also added the first Free Template:

HTML 5 Template

This was a html 5 remake i made. It’s based on one of my old website templates.But it was never finnished…

Since this was made looo~ng time ago (i was a noob with all this webdesign stuff…) you’ll have to change some things, i think. :D

15cp & CMDFront

Today there are 2 Updates available:

1. Updated 15cp to latest SVN. Changes are:

  • Updated style.css
  • Added logo to default style
  • Added navigation bar

2. Updated CMDFront to V.0.03. Please visit the Project page. Changes are: 

  • added langfile support
  • added setup to select language (B69)
  • fixed langfile support (B78)




Soo… Thats all for today. Just noticed, i’ve forgotten to release 1 SVN update for 15cp, so it was added now. 😉

Updated style.css

  • Added logo to default style.
  • Added navigation bar.

Notepad Update


Today I’ve updated my notepad to the latest Version 0.04.

latest Changes are:

  • Fixed “save changes on exit”- bug (thanks to atomius) (B70)
  • Added full support for cross-platform endlines (Dos/Windows & Unix) (thanks to atomius) (B71)
  • Added basic stack-support to prepare for the “undo” function (B72)

Please visit the project page for more informations and downloads.

Updated SsROSe


Today I’ve made a small update on my RO-Server Emulator project. I’ve done some work with the message handling system, so the showmsg.bmx file should be done for now.

Some work for Logfile- Pre-support is done now too, but it’s not working for now. It’s planned to be added later, but to do this, there should be something to log…

You can view all changes here: SVN- R14


PS: It’s planned, to move all pages of my old website to this blog, so stay tuned 😉