15-3athena ssrose

Moving to GitHub

It’s done now. Today I got the time to create a GitHub account and export all GoogleCode SVNs to GitHub. This means also: Development can continue as before.

Please note:

  • The GoogleCode Pages will get no more updates. This also means there will be no more SVN commits on this pages.
  • As the name sais, GitHub uses Git-version control. So you can help with development by creating pull requests if you want to.
  • As long as you only want to use the latest versions of my software you can use your SVN program to get the updates. However it’s recommended to change to a Git program if you want to use all features of Git version control.

The new Links are:

15-3athena General ssrose

Google Code shutting down

Some of you will have noticed it allready: Google Code will be shutting down in near future. I’ve got a mail from Google yesterday where they told this. So what to do now?

Google added a “export to GitHub” function to Google Code to export all projects directly to GitHub. So this will be the next step here. After all projects are exported I’ll only update the GitHub page so there will be no more updates in Google Code SVN anymore.

This also means: Before doing any development on SVNs I’ll create a GitHub account and export them. It’s pointless to update the SVNs like they are right now. This will only increase the data to export.

General ssrose

Updated SsROSe


Today I’ve made a small update on my RO-Server Emulator project. I’ve done some work with the message handling system, so the showmsg.bmx file should be done for now.

Some work for Logfile- Pre-support is done now too, but it’s not working for now. It’s planned to be added later, but to do this, there should be something to log…

You can view all changes here: SVN- R14


PS: It’s planned, to move all pages of my old website to this blog, so stay tuned 😉