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Monthly News – February 2016


Whew, the month has passed by again… Let’s see what’s new on my projects 😀


Focus this month was in updating / fixing a huge number of skills and items. I’ll not write down all the items / skill again since it can be read in changelogs. Also I’ve managed some clean-up here and there. Also I’ve closed a security leak inside skill_produce_mix function where you could cook items without having the required materials.


I had to rewrite huge parts of the cashshop system (including the loading function for the cashshop db) to fix some suspected memory leaks. Please make sure to apply commit a0ce6dc if you’re using the cashshop system!


For any strange reason the banking packets got lost with a past update… Now I’ve re-added them any you can use the banking system again. 

Favorite Tab

This feature was allready implemented a while ago. However I had to disable some parts of it for now since it caused item-loss in some cases. For now you can use the favorite tab but the favorite state will not be saved on logout. I’ll fix this later…

3ceam Patches

Since some people on 3ceam community asked for patches for 3ceam to add new features I decided to create them for free as requested. It’s the best I can do for 3ceam right now – and thanks to 15-3athena most of work is allready done for these requests. All patches can be found here:


Since all news can be read on NyanRO-Homepage, I’ll only post a short list of the most important feature-updates:

  • Eclage Interior Instance added
  • Hazy Forest Instance added
  • added support for Favorite-Tab

Also there where a huge number of item / skill fixes and other updates…

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