15-3athena Digest

Monthly News – October & November 2016

Well… Guess it’s time for another monthly news blog post. Since there was not that much to post for October I’ve decided to create only one post for October & November. So, let’s see what we’ve got here… 😀

Episode System:

-Everything related Comodo will now only load on Episode 3.0 and up.
-Added support for controlling reset- mapflag via script commands.
-Updated setmapflag/removemapflag commands to support setting a restricted zone.
-Added full support for episode specific shop npcs and spawn sets.
-Rewrote / optimized episode-code in npc_parse_duplicate.

Linux compiling & other issues:

I’ve fixed some compile-errors and warnings while compiling with gcc-compiler.
Also I’ve fixed some issues related to questlog system on 2014 ragexes. They where causing client-crashes on certain situations…
There was another issue reatated to 2014 ragexe where npcs and monsters won’t be displayed anymore. This was fixed -> The 2014-10-22 ragexe still uses the same packets as 2013-12-23 ragexe. I thought it would already use v10 packets…

Other changes:

I’ve cleaned-up some reading functions for player-related databases and their databases. -> IMPORTANT: structures are still the same and won’t change. ^^
Also I’ve added some stuff related to Izlude Novice Academy. In future you’ll be able to decide, which “Novice Ground” to be used on your server. It’s not ready to use, only the maps and some random stuff is done yet!
As always, there is done some more work related to some Skills. These two months where focused on Guillotine Cross, Genetic, Royal Guard and Warlock skills.

3ceam Patches:
Soul Link Mods

I’ve added a patch for some Soul Link modifications and extensions. However, I’m not the autor of all these mods, I’ve ony ported them and made only one patch out of them..


I’ve added a patch for the ‘freeloop()’ script command. Toggling this to enabled (1) allows the script instance to bypass the infinite loop protection, allowing your script to loop as much as it may need.

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